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Dolomite produced in the dolomite deposits is regularly tested in the aggregate test laboratory to provide a high quality dolomite to our customers. 

Function of the laboratory: 

  • Aggregate quality control in accordance with LVS EN 13242 and “Road specifications”.
  • Updating of the aggregate production process control manual in accordance with LVS EN 13242 and LVS EN ISO 9001,
  • Certification of the aggregate quality in the accredited institutions.

Laboratory also provides its services to other companies. If you are interested in the services of the laboratory, please contact Janis Grinhofs, tel: 29148069, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

Laboratory performs tests of dolomite, mixed dolomite mass, gravel and sand according to the following procedures:


   Preparation and reduction of the laboratory samples.
LVS EN 932-2
   Determination of the particle size distribution. GradingLVS EN 933-1
   Determination of the resistance to fragmentation.

   Los Angeles coefficient.

LVS EN 1097-2
   Determination of the resistance to fragmentation.

   Los Angeles coefficient.

Appendix No.4 *
   Determination of the loose bulk density and voids.LVS EN 1097-3
   Determination of particle shape.

   Flakiness index.

LVS EN 933-3
   Determination of particle shape.

   Shape index.

LVS EN 933-4

   Determination of percentage of crushed and broken

   surfaces incoarse aggregate particles.

LVS EN 933-5

   Determination of the water content by drying in a ventilated  


LVS EN 1097-5
   Assessment of fines.

   Sand equivalent test.

LVS EN 933

*  - SJSC "Latvian State Roads" guidance instrunctions.

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