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DSG Karjeri

About us

DSG Karjeri Ltd. is one of the leading and fast growing mineral resource processing companies in Latvia. The company was founded in 2005. Company's basic activity is directed towards the dolomite quarrying and dolomite production. 

At the moment extraction of dolomite is taking place at four dolomite deposits: Iecava, Saikava, Birži and Ape. In 2014 dolomite extraction will be started in a new deposit located in Ropazi parish, Riga district. The company is planning to open another eleven dolomite mining locations in the territory of Latvia. In addition to the activity in the field of dolomite extraction, the company performs sand and gravel mining in several deposits. 

DSG Karjeri Ltd. has made significant investments in the field of dolomite crushing and quarrying. A high work efficiency and quality is secured by professional quarrying equipment from METSO Minerals, KOMATSU and LIEBHER which in turn enables to reduce production costs, thus securing the best price and quality ratio for the customers.



Contact details

DSG Karjeri Ltd 
Jelgavas street 36, Riga, LV1004 
''Luminor Bank" RIKOLV2X 
Tel: 67114834 
Mob. +371 29148069 
Fax: 67114833



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